Automated Verification of VAT Returns


Kenya Revenue Authority wishes to inform the public that system improvements made to the iTax VAT return verification module following stakeholders’ feedback, have been concluded. The module cross-validates invoice details in buyers’ and sellers’ VAT returns then generates inconsistencies which affected taxpayers are required to resolve within a given period from the date of system notification.

KRA wishes to advise Taxpayers that were affected by the verification of the January 2018 returns to amend their returns within 60 days from the date of this Notice. Input tax relating to inconsistencies which will remain unresolved after the stated period shall be disallowed.

Further, Taxpayers are advised that inconsistencies affecting VAT returns for period February 2018 to date will be generated and communicated to taxpayers from 29th March 2019. Respective return amendments should be effected as soon as the inconsistency reports are received.

Taxpayers who need assistance are encouraged to seek support through KRA nationwide taxpayer support arrangement outlined in this notice.

For support please call our Contact Centre on Tel: 020 4999999; 0711 099999 or E-Mail address: You may also visit the nearest KRA Office, iTax Support Centre or Huduma Centre.

Additional information is available on the KRA website (



Commissioner of Domestic Taxes