Learn About eTIMS

What is eTIMS?

Simplicity, Convenience and Flexibility

eTIMS (electronic Tax Invoice Management System) is a software solution that provides taxpayers with options for a simple, convenient and flexible approach to electronic invoicing.

Taxpayers can access eTIMS on various computing devices, including computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).


Who Should Use eTIMS?

All persons engaged in business are required to on-board eTIMS and issue electronic tax invoices.


Why is it not just for VAT registered taxpayers?

The law requires that for any person to claim their business expense, the expense must be supported by an electronic tax invoice. Therefore, all persons engaged in business are required to issue electronic tax invoices, whether registered for VAT or not (non-VAT taxpayers). 


Why eTIMS?

  1. It aids in reducing compliance costs as the solutions are provided free of charge;

  2. eTIMS offers flexibility in the solutions available and is accessible on various computing devices;

  3. The stock management module assists taxpayers maintain their own inventory;

  4. eTIMS allows taxpayers to a maintain record of invoices issued on the taxpayer portal;

  5. eTIMS facilitates simplified return filing for taxpayers.



Frequently asked questions on eTIMS can be accessed from here: