Learn About eTIMS

Ready to Use and Install eTIMS?

eTIMS Lite 

  1. Web via (ecitizen.kra.go.ke)
  2. On your mobile device, Dial *222#, Select option 5 for KRA and then select option 2 (sales invoice).  

Web Invoicing (eCitizen) Step by Step Guide 

USSD Step by Step Guide 

User guides for eTIMS

  1. eTIMS Online portal User guide 
  2. eTIMS Paypoint User Guide (Android)
  3. eTIMS Lite (VAT) User Guide
  4. eTIMS Multi-Paypoint User Guide (Windows)
  5. eTIMS PayPoint User Guide (Windows)                                                

Download and install eTIMS using any of the links below based on the device applicable to you.

  1. eTIMS Multi Paypoint (Windows) Tooltip text
  2. eTIMS Paypoint (Windows) Tooltip text.
  3. eTIMS Paypoint (Android) Tooltip text.
  4. eTIMS Lite (VAT)
  5. eTIMS Lite (Non VAT) Tooltip text
  6. You can also access the Online portalTooltip text