Tubonge Tax

BLOG 29/09/2020

Tubonge Tax

In spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, the year this far has seen humanity maneuver the series of misfortunes that have riddled the world. For survival, new ways of doing things have emerged, pegged on getting information as fast as possible with as little physical interaction as possible. Podcasts is one of these new tools of communication that stand out!

Kenya Revenue Authority is not left behind in this mille; we are launching TubongeTax podcast, the authority’s ace in the hole on all matters tax. The Podcast complements other platforms run by KRA like the Facebook and Linkedin social media pages. In fact, this latest addition, strives to position KRA as a thought leader in tax policy and administrative matters through informative discussions.

Communicating through emails and Facebook posts can be tedious, especially when word limits are imposed, this is a modern-day headache for sure. However, Tubonge Tax podcast compensates for both the time you’d spend on your way to KRA’s numerous offices and the precious minutes spent properly wording a tweet.

Tubonge Tax Podcast is tailor made for those who prefer the more personal touch, by actively listening and speaking their mind in real time, as opposed to the tweets or Facebook posts. This effectively curves out a niche on which KRA can candidly engage taxpayers, who are ever riddled by questions waiting to be answered, myths to be debunked and opinions to be aired.

All you need to tune in to Tubonge Tax is a stable internet connection, any of the varied earpieces for entertainment and voilà! All your queries and concerns are tackled head on at the comfort of your home. With an active imagination, you could almost see the speaker at your dinner table elaborately describing how one could get their tax refunds for example.

Admittedly, KRA aligns perfectly to taxpayers’ needs, suing Tubonge Tax.  At a time when the world is grappling with how to reduce physical interaction, Tubonge Tax podcast holds the tremendous potential to reduce the number of walk-ins into any of KRA’s offices. 

Who’d have thought that KRA would go down the route of Podcasting? a fitting question that would best describe how, when and why KRA took an unconventional route and added a podcast to her list of seemingly insurmountable fetes.  Thinning ever further the line between a modest endeavor and an all-out boast, by all sense and means, ‘been there, done that’.

Kenya Revenue Authority’s resolution to harness the power of podcasts is one of the initiatives that set KRA apart from other industry players. A bold move by all rights, yet an incredibly necessary one.

This year, we not only mark #International Podcast Day, to celebrate the truly tangible power of a voice and an eager ear_ the hallmarks of a great podcast, but we the Kenya Revenue Authority, launch our very own, #Tubonge Tax Podcast to effectively, candidly and professionally handle all your tax concerns.


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