M Service App-The Game Changer

BLOG 28/02/2020

The fifth Tax Summit held last year in October was one of the remarkable events in the KRA’s calendar.

A rich dialogue emanated in the deliberations held during the plenary sessions.

The set up outside the main hall was a beehive of incessant activity; a pool of exhibitors from various corporate entities displayed their meticulously branded booths reflecting their distinct corporate colours trying to outdo each other for conspicuousness ;each part of the corporate taxpayers and an identity of our economic progress and transformation as a nation.

The KRA booth was almost spewed with exhibitors drawn from several departments. In one of the corners, the words ‘KRA MService Mobile coming soon’ were proudly displayed, announcing to the public of a new product that would soon be launched.

I kept wondering how helpful this application would be. Previously, I was only conversant with the payment platform and the USSD channel, which assist in confirming taxpayer’s station.

My doubts were soon put to rest by the warm welcome by KRA staff manning the booth. They were eager to explain how the mobile app would offer simplified tax services on Corporate MService, a USSD Channel and SMS queries.  

Previously, KRA engaged taxpayers in a bid to get feedback on the services they get from KRA. The Authority carefully documented a myriad of challenges encountered with suggested improvements in a bid to enhance service delivery.

The app will enhance services such as taxpayer registration services, filing returns, ledger services, payment services, Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) services, access to F88 form (digitized version)   just to mention but a few.

Imagine how easy and convenient it will be for one to file a return, generate a payment slip and make the payment at your comfort. The application will also make it possible for taxpayers to apply and track some Customs processes.

The application will be a game changer as far as tax services and compliance are concerned!


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