Procedures for Clearance of your Imported Postal Parcels

Post Parcel means a mail service handling parcels or packages handled by Postal Corporation of Kenya.

Procedures for clearance of imported postal parcels 

In the event of personal importation, the importer shall present his or her ID, passport or Residence Permit to Posta together with the tracking number for retrieval of the parcel. Once retrieved, the customer will open the parcel for the customs officer to assess taxes. Prohibited goods are not allowed hence seized. Restricted items require Permits and approvals from competent authorities are held until the permits are presented to customs.

The customer presents the invoice of the parcel for customs assessment and if one does not have an invoice, other customs valuation methods will be used to determine the values. Assessment is done and recorded on the Postal Slip (P195). F147 is then generated and the client makes payment for the taxes using mobile money payment, Bank or Card.

Once payment of taxes is done, the Client pays the handling and storage charges to Posta. (Usually Ksh. 175 if the parcel has no additional storage charges). Then he/she can now pick their consignment.

For items over $1000 or ksh. 100,000 or items over 70kg an entry is required. Verification is done and once the entry is approved and released, the client pays for the Postal charges and picks his consignment.

For parcels that have to be posted to the clients’ address (other postal branches where there is no customs officer), assessment is done and the tax demand is forwarded with the parcel. The client picks the consignment at the stated address and pays the taxes due plus postal charges to the post office who remit the taxes to KRA on a monthly basis. 

For further clarification, Contact Customs office, Post parcel Nairobi.


Tel: 020-224 92 52 


BLOG 19/11/2021

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Procedures for Clearance of your Imported Postal Parcels