Empowering Women and Girls: KRA's Code Red Campaign Tackles Menstrual Poverty

At Kenya Revenue Authority we believe in more than just numbers, we believe in making a real impact on lives. In our unwavering commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), launched the Code Red Campaign. This initiative was about touching lives and empowering women behind bars, Children and needy girls in school with an aim to address the need for menstrual poverty.  

Since the marking of International Women’s Day to date, KRA employees  supported over 3,000 women and 100 Children across various Women’s Prisons namely; Kisumu Women's Prison, Shimo la Tewa Women's Prison, Eldoret’s Women Prison, Meru Women’s Prison, Embu Women’s Prison, Machakos Women’s Prison and Langata Women’s Prison. KRA has also supported St. Thomas Aquinas Komosoko Girls School in Isebania, Migori County and Saika Group in Njiru Feminist’ at Silanga

Imagine the daily struggles of these women dealing with not just the confinement of prison walls but also the lack of basic hygiene essentials. That's where Code Red stepped in. Under CSR Health Pillar, one of the main areas of focus is addressing the fundamental needs and well-being of female inmates and girl’s schools.

Our mission was simple yet profound; providing essential hygiene products like sanitary pads, and dignity kits wear. It was about dignity, respect, and ensuring that every woman and girl, regardless of their circumstances, has access to these basic necessities.

The Code Red Campaign wasn't just a charity handing out products, it was a movement igniting change and championing dignity.

Picture the ripple effect of this campaign: women and children feeling valued and empowered, communities inspired to advocate for change, and a society that prioritizes human rights and compassion.


EDUCATION 21/05/2024

Empowering Women and Girls: KRA's Code Red Campaign Tackles Menstrual Poverty