What is the requirement for one to obtain a KRA PIN?

Valid identification documents (National ID card for residents, Alien ID for non-Kenyan residents, Certificates of registrations for non-individuals)

What should I do if I forget my password?

Go to the iTax log in page and click on forgot password link, answer the security stamp arithmetic and new log in credentials will be sent to your registered email address.

How can I change the current email and physical address information on iTax?

Change of email address can be initiated form the iTax profile, under Registration- Amend PIN details. Once the process is initiated by the taxpayer, a task is created for approval by a KRA officer.

How can limited partnerships whose partners are non individuals register for PINs on iTax?

Select Business Type as Others and Business Sub Type as Partnerships. Capture the partners PIN under the Directors/Associates. Enter the profit sharing ratio and click on the ADD button, and proceed to add the second PIN.

NOTE: At the moment, this is only workable for new registrations but not iPage update.

My PIN has been stopped on iTax. What should I do?

Kindly contact your tax station for clarification on this.

My name has been wrongly spelled in iTax

The taxpayer is required to send his PIN together with scan colored copies of his original ID card or certificate of incorporation for data correction through the email callcentre@kra.go.ke

I am a Non- Kenyan Non- Resident whose name was captured wrongly on iTax. Is there a way to correct this?

We currently do not have an amendment function for names for those PINs linked to passports.

Is it possible to amend a wrongful payment slip for Land Rent?

No, it is not. However, you can apply for a refund of the amounts under the Refunds menu, select land rent and fill in other relevant details. You will be required to generate a new payment slip and pay afresh for land rent for the correct period and properties and PINs tied to those properties as you follow up with refunds section and Ministry of Lands.

Am I able to generate a payment slip for NSSF through iTax?

No, not at the moment as the project is still being piloted.

What does the date of instrument in reference to payment of stamp duty mean?

This refers to the date the taxpayer visited the Ministry of Lands for the valuation and assessment of stamp duty payable.

Where do I get the acknowledgement number to use when generating stamp duty payment?

In case the acknowledgment number is not showing on the payment slip, go to payments menu, consult payments, enter the PRN and the security stamp and consult. Once the details are pulled relating to the PRN click on the download link under the revenue booking slip column.

How can I differentiate the Capital Gains Tax Types?

CGT 1 is for Transfer of Lands and Buildings

CGT 2 is for Transfer of Shares

CGT 3 is for transactions exempt from CGT

CGT 1P is for Transfer of Lands and Building for Partnerships

CGT 2P is for Transfer of Shares for Partnerships

Can I make a payment before filing a return?

Yes you can. Payments of taxes and filing returns have been delinked. However any return that does not have a matching payment will automatically attract penalty and interests.

What is a Payment Registration Number?

Payment Registration Number or PRN replaces the manual tax payment stationeries such as P11 and VAT3. PRN is generated electronically and is bar coded with a unique serial number for every transaction. The PRN must be quoted when making payments to allow taxpayer ledger to be updated.

How do I generate a PRN?

On the taxpayer's profile, go to Payments then register payment. Fill in the electronic form first by selecting the tax head. Once all the mandatory fields (marked with red asterics) have been filled submit to generate PRN

What do I do if I made payments but I cannot see them on my iTax ledger?

The taxpayer should provide the payment documents to KRA for ledger reconciliation.

How do I make payments for Withholding Tax on iTax?

To make a withholding tax payment, follow the payment registration then select income tax on the tax head, select WHT under tax subhead and generate payment slip for the various transactions.

Why don't I see Agency revenue payments on my ledger?

Agency revenue ledgers are not maintained by KRA but by the Principal bodies e.g. KEBS, Ministry of Lands, Kenya Sugar board etc.

What is a return of income?

Declarations of all the incomes of a person in the given year of income.

Are the returns available on iTax?