Taxation for Societies

What is a PIN?

It is a personal identification number which identifies you for purposes of transacting business with Kenya Revenue Authority, other Government agencies and service providers.

When should you use the KRA PIN?

Transactions requiring PIN include, among others the following:

  • Registration of title, stamping of instruments by the Commissioner of Lands, and payment of Land Rent.
  • Approval of plans, payment of water deposits, application for a business permit, payment of Land Rent by Local Authorities.
  • Registration of Motor Vehicles, and licensing under the Traffic Act (Cap 403) by the Registrar of motor Vehicles.
  • Registration of Business Names and Companies by the Registrars of Business names and companies.
  • Trade licensing by the Ministry of Commerce.
  • Application for Value Added Tax registration.
  • Underwriting policies by Insurance Companies.
  • To facilitate importation of goods, Customs clearing and forwarding at the offices of Commissioner of Customs and Excise.
  • Payment of Deposits for power connections at Kenya Power and Lightning Co. Ltd.
  • To facilitate all contracts for supply of goods and services to all Government Ministries and Public

What documents should a Society submit while applying for PIN?

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of CR12
  • Copy of Memorandum and Article of Association (optional)
  • Copy of PIN Certificate for one of the company?s directors
  • Copy of Tax Compliance certificate of one of the company?s directors
  • Copy of the Acknowledgement receipt

How do I register for a PIN?

1. Visit iTax, to initiate the process.

2. Click on New "PIN registration"

3. Select Taxpayer type "Non-Individual"

4. Mode of registration (choose either online form or upload form)

5. Business type as "Others" and select appropriate business sub type

6. Tax Obligations include:

Income Tax Resident/Non - Resident ?This is a compulsory tax obligation for both resident and non ? resident individuals for purposes of declaring any income earned within a stipulated period of time. Read More

Pay As you Earn ? If you are an employer, you are required to register for this obligation. Read more

Turnover Tax ? It is applicable to businesses whose turnover (income) does not exceed Kshs. 5 million during any year of income. Mainly for those in the informal sector where tax procedures, computation and record keeping are basic. Read More

Value Added Tax - Any person supplying or who expects to supply taxable goods and taxable services with a value of Kshs 5 Million or more in a year qualifies to register for VAT. The law also allows for voluntary registration. Read more

7. Select your ?Source of income? if any and provide necessary details under source selected

8. If you are an agent who will be taking care of a taxpayer duties and obligations, you are required to enter their details in the agent details section.

9. Fill in correct answer to arithmetic sum provided and click on ?Submit?

10. Ensure you input at least 1 PIN of the company director(s) to will be used for the initiation process. Always ensure the directors details are tax compliant and is on iTax.

You will receive an acknowledgment receipt on completion of the online application.
A follow up email will be sent to you with either further instructions on where to present the required documentation for verification or a PIN certificate.