Published On: Fri 01 , September, 2006

IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred by section 4 (n) of the Petroleum Act, the Minister for Energy makes the following Rules:-
1.  These Rules may be cited as the Petroleum (Amendment) Rules, 2006.
2.  The Petroleum Rules are amended in Part V by inserting the following new rule immediately after rule 72-
"73. (1) In this rule, unless the context otherwise requires-
"LPG" means the liquefied petroleum gas;
"LPG Cylinder Exchange Pool" means a body set up by LPG marketing companies, under the oversight of the Minister for the time being responsible for petroleum energy, to regulate the mechanism of exchanging LPG cylinders in order to promote fair competition; and
"unified valve" means the unified valve specified in the Kenya Standard KS 201:2004.
(2)  With effect from 1st October, 2006, the following provisions shall apply to the importation, exportation, filling, wholesale and retail of LPG in cylinders of capacities between one (1) and twenty (20) kilogrammes:
(a)  The standard capacities of cylinders for filling with LPG shall be one (1), three (3), six (6) and thirteen (13) kilogrammes, and such cylinders shall be fitted with unified valves.
(b)  No LPG cylinders shall be manufactured in, or imported into, Kenya other than those of capacities, and fitted with unified valves, specified in paragraph (a).
(c)  All LPG cylinders existing immediately before the provisions of this rule takes effect shall be fitted with unified valves within a period of thirty (30) months from the date the provisions of this rule takes effect.
Kenya Subsidiary Legislation, 2006
(d)  Any cylinder not in the categories specified in paragraph (a) shall not be allowed for filling with LPG after the expiry of four 4 years from the date the provisions of this rule takes effect.
(e)  Every retail outlet selling LPG shall have a properly calibrated weighing instrument in accordance with the Weighs and Measures Act for verification of the net contents of LPG cylinders.
(f)  An LPG Cylinder Exchange Pool shall be established to regulate the exchange of LPG cylinders among the LPG marketing companies.
(g)  A person shall not engage in importation, exportation or wholesale trade of LPG in cylinders unless such a person is a member of the LPG Cylinder Exchange Pool.
(h)  A member of the LPG Cylinder Exchange Pool commits an offence if such a member refuses to accept or recognize for exchange a cylinder belonging to another member".
Dated the 21st August, 2006.
Acting Minister for Energy.

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