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The Customs Reform & Modernisation Programme aims at transforming and modernising Customs Administration in accordance with internationally accepted standards and best practice. This also involves embracing the redefined function of Customs to put greater emphasis on trade facilitation and protection of society.

This is being achieved through implementation of the following reform initiatives:

  • Enhancement of Simba 2005 System through the Simba Transformation Project (STP) to improve its performance amongst other benefits.
  • Embarking on the Implementation of a new integrated Customs Management System (iCMS) to replace Simba 2005 System.
  • Strengthening enforcement by overseeing the construction of One Stop Border Posts (OSBP) at key points of entry as well as creation of a Border Management Division.
  • Implementation of a Regional Electronic Cargo Tracking System (RECTS) through the Northern Corridor to curb diversion of transit cargo, protect revenue loss as well as expedite the bonds cancellation process. The system will also support the implementation of the Singe Customs Territory (SCT) initiative currently being implemented by EAC partner states.
  • Enhancing cargo clearance by participating in the implementation of the Kenya National Electronic Single Window System initiative meant to improve the clearance process at the port through easier interaction between importers and relevant Government agencies.
  • Enhancing uniformity in commodity valuation by finalizing implementation of Phase II of a Valuation Database.

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