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Licensing of Clearing Agents

This procedure covers the process of vetting, issuance, renewal and cancellation of Customs Agents License.



  • An application for Clearing Agent's License, on the prescribed Form,C20, is made and forwarded to the Licensing officer.
  • Each application is recorded and assigned a reference number.
  • The application is vetted to ensure all the required supporting documents have been submitted.

    These documents shall include:
  • PIN certificates for the Company and all its directors
  • ID for all directors
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association clearly indicating the Clearing and forwarding Agent’s firm is a registered business.
  • Certificate of Registration from the Registrar of Companies
  • Certificate of good conduct for all directors
  • Evidence of membership with a recognized Clearing & Forwarding Association (KIFWA). The evidence may take the form of a letter, payment receipt for annual membership fee or a certificate.
  • Letter from bankers showing the company maintains an account with them.
  • Letter from Domestic taxes Department confirming that the Company and all its Directors have lodged current Income Tax and VAT returns.
  • Receipt for payment for the application form.
  • If the application was presented after the deadline, the receipt for payment of the prescribed late application fee should also be attached.
    • Applicants are invited for interview by the Licensing Committee.
    • Successful applicants recommended for licensing are notified.
    • The successful applicants are asked to pay the required License fee.
    • The application is then approved by the Commissioner.
    • Clearing Agent's License is issued.

      NB: Unsuccessful applicants can make an appeal. A hearing is conducted, after which licensing is either recommended or declined.


      • Application for renewal of the license is made on the prescribed License renewal form and submitted to customs.
      • The Licensing Officer shall check for compliance with the conditions for renewal and confirm that the company has no outstanding transactions or pending queries.
      • If the applicant has no pending queries or outstanding transactions, a recommendation is made Commissioner's office for renewal of the license.
      • License is renewed.

        NB. No License shall be renewed if the applicant has any pending queries or outstanding transactions.