The Legal Services Division provides legal services in support of KRA’s mandate in line with the Corporate Plan. Specifically, the division:

Supports enhanced revenue collection through :

  • Making proposals for relevant and more effective legislation;
  • Continuous follow-up of tax cases pending in court and evaluation of potential and pending cases with a view to early conclusion of the cases;
  • Representing KRA in court; and
  • Cooperation with other government departments to ensure issues affecting revenue leakage are addressed.

Support implementation of effective and efficient processes through :

  • Continuous professional training, training of staff in the use of information and communication technologies and acquisition of relevant IT equipment;
  • Enhanced methods of record keeping and transmission; and
  • Interdepartmental connectivity through use of Local Area Network and Wide Area Network and effective communication linkages with external stakeholders.

Facilitates development of a highly motivated and flexible workforce through :

  • Continuous review and appraisals of staff establishment;
  • Regular training and seminars in relevant areas;
  • Interdepartmental staff interaction and continuous cooperation with other departments; and
  • Continuous communication and dissemination of corporate policies to staff.


Mrs. Juliet Kamande, Senior Deputy Commissioner

Legal Services Division,
Kenya Revenue Authority,
Times Tower, 31 st Floor,
Haile Sellasie Avenue
P. O. Box 48240 – 00100 GPO
Nairobi .

E-Mail:, Tel.: +254-20-2817004 Fax: +254-20-342196





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